Noble Boats International prides itself on building the highest quality plate aluminium boats on the market, and its ongoing research and development to keep at the forefront of the industry.

The DeepVee hull is a revolution in boat design – providing for the best quality boat and ride.

The bow incorporates a super fine forefoot which assures a soft dry entrance into head seas. This is supported by a variable 38 degrees in the bow ensuring the Noble Boat slices through the waves as opposed to pounding them like other plate boats.  Noble Boats have the deepest V shape hull on the market. It simply slices through the wave instead of bashing its way on top of the wave as in most other boats, ensuring a smooth ride for all passengers – even in the harshest conditions.

The midships contains a multichine hull, which allows for a very deep vee. This guarantees a soft ride, and also ensures a boat that is very stationary at rest, therefore providing a premium boating platform for all your activities whilst onboard.

24 degree deadrise allows water force to escape and not to be generated through the hull. This ensures maximum speed for minimal horsepower and fuel.

The Deepvee Hull


Super fine forefoot assures soft entrance into headsea.

The DeepVee Hull // Bow

Multichine allows for a very deep vee which guarantees a soft ride.

The DeepVee Hull // Midships

A 24 Degree deadrise allows water force to escape and not to be generated through the hull.

The DeepVee Hull // Stern