Trailer Boat TV – Noble 7.5m Centre Cabin Hardtop

Struggled with the offshore fishing scene in the past? The Noble DeepVee 7.4 Centre Cab will ensure you make a vengeful return.

Noble Boats International has been trading as a family company for more than 20 years, building boats to more than 12m for a variety of customers.

Its boats are designed by naval architects on CAD software and materials are computer cut for accuracy.

With so many plate boats of this size on today’s market, we thought we should check out the 7.4m Centre Cabin on Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay.

When we test a boat of this calibre, which is particularly designed for serious offshore work, it is always nice to have some swell, chop and fairly ordinary weather to sort out any issues the hull and fit-up might have.

Unfortunately, this time Port Phillip produced conditions that would have to go down in its history as the calmest ever, albeit a little chilly for someone from warmer climes!

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