Noble DeepVee 5.2 Centre and Side Consoles and Cuddy Cabin

For a long time centre console boats were the preferred vessel for keen anglers with their versatility and open fishing area unequalled. During the late 90’s to 2008 with the introduction of plate alloy centre cabs, anglers upgraded their centre console to larger and more comfortable centre cabs and up until more recent times these remained the choice for many fishos.

With the general down turn in economy and fuel cost the re birth of the centre console has grown rapidly and the 5.2m Noble DeepVee has slotted nicely into that niche market that offers the versatility of fishing bays and estuaries along with the capability of heading offshore for a fish.

At 5.2m in length you don’t need big horsepower to punch the boat along or a large 4wd to get the boat from A to B. Most six cylinder vehicles and most utes are more than capable of towing the boat comfortable down the highway.

One of the features of this particular boat that sets it apart from many of our competitors is the unique DeepVee Hull Design. In general terms a deep vee cuts the water and ride well but at rest is unstable under the foot. On the other extreme, a shallow vee or flat bottom boat is very stable but bangs underway giving a very rough wet ride.

The DeepVee Hull was developed to produce a hull that not only cuts through the water but gives superior stability on the run and at rest and minimize the amount of water thrown up by the hull.

At the Noble team we have done that and these characteristic features are now part of our company’s history.

To achieve this the hull has a deep centre vee but incorporates several progressions in the dead rise of the hull. Deep along the centre, then reducing towards the pronounced reversed outer chine with a centre reversed chine. It’s hard to imagine an alloy boat that delivers both a soft ride in the rough and stability at rest.

While the hull is certainly a very important part of the boat, a good fishing boat isn’t complete unless significant thought has gone into the layout of the boat. At Noble we all love to fish so we do understand what anglers like to see in a fishing boat.

To start with we’ve retained the full walk around capabilities you expect out of a centre console and there’s no squeezing between the gunwales and consoles when you are on the rod and under the load of a big fish or running up to the bow of the boat to flick that lure out at a surf feeding school of mackerel.

Storage hasn’t been forgotten about though as there is no point having a nice open centre console but no where to put any gear, so the deck becomes cluttered with tackle.

To start with the centre console is fully closed with a hatch at the helm to throw a heap of gear in. Somewhere handy to keep that camera dry and ready for some quick snaps of the big one that didn’t get away.

Side pockets, as insignificant as they may seem, are one of the most used storage areas on a boat and because our decks are fully sealed with buoyancy chambers, we don’t need to use the space where side pockets are situated to locate buoyancy. Hence we have the generous area for side pocket use.

Up forward, the side console version has two large under floor storage areas due to the raised deck at this end of the boat. This can accommodate a host of gear weather its extra anchors, rope and fenders, camping gear for a weekend away or for a fish box. You’ll be amazed at how much space we offer under the floor.

This is in addition to our 150 litre under floor fuel tank which is mounted in its own separate chamber. With a recommended 90hp engine this gives the rig a huge range without the need to carry additional fuel tanks on the deck.

Down the side decks you will find several rod holders down each side to suit trolling or just general storage.

The transom area, like the rest of the boat is clean and uncluttered. Storage areas are found either side of the transom where the likes of batteries and oil bottles can be stored out of the way. With covered hatches they are also out of the way and out of sight.

Our decks are fully sealed so no water gets below deck level. Centrally located in the transom is the large scupper which can be left open or closed to let water in and out of the boat easily and unrestricted depending on the situation at hand.

If you are after a fishing boat that’s ready to go, all you need to decide is what colour boat you want and where your first fishing trip is to.



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