6.25m — For 360° Walk around

When it comes to plate aluminium boats, customers do not come any more knowledgeable than the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, and they chose Noble Boats International to build their boats for them. What’s more, the hull design used is nearly identical to that of the 6.25 Centre Cabin.

Some boats get the centre cabin tag when the cabin is really just a big centre console with wrap around sides, and others where walking around the cabin needs two hands and sure footedness. The Noble 6.25 is a real walk-around centre cabin.

The cabin has more space than most fore cabin boats yet the side decks are wide enough for you to comfortably fish all round the boat.  The 6.25m is available as a centre cabin with walk around, side or centre-console and cuddy cabin.  Twin motor rig setup is optionally available on the transom for the Noble 6.25m boat. To learn more, contact us!

Like more information?

Download the Noble Boats 6.25m information brochure:

Noble 6.25m Info Brochure


Length (hull): 6.25m
Length (overall): 6.50m
Beam: 2.40m
Horsepower Range 150 – 225hp
Approx. Dry Hull Weight: 1230kg
Bottom and Transom PL 5mm
Sides and Decks PL 4mm
Floor PL 4mm
Maximum Persons in Closed/Open waters: 8/6